1 x Kaweco 6 Ink Cartridges sepia Marron Fountain Pen Ka cart01 7015sepia


  • Kaweco, are produced from natural pigments in water based inks and presented in boxes of 6 Ink Cartridges in premium quality with a low pH neutral, are excluded from toxic waste or elements that may damage the mechanism and the internal channels of our fountain pen
  • It is therefore a suitable for any fountain pen ink, in addition to having a really good behaviour by their high flow and quick drying for smooth operation and maintenance of writing instruments, it is recommended to use inks that does not leave residue or small items that can obstruct the internal channels and ducting of fountain pens, this is achieved with premium quality inks
  • As are the Kaweco inks, tested, proven and supported by a brand with a long tradition and history in the manufacture of tools and accessories, which ensures the smooth operation using inks Kaweco
  • Color: Sepia Brown
  • Format: Cartridge Content: 6 cartridges
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Kaweco ink cartridges for fountain 1 x Box of 6

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‎8 x 4.6 x 1.6 cm; 20 Grams