100% Cotton Bath Turban Towel Quick Hair Drying Super Absorbent Head Wrap With Loop and Button Fastener


  • Luxury turban towel is made up of high quality 100% cotton material which absorbs moisture from the hair, dries the hair faster and saves your hair time. Product is so much comfortable that you will not want to take it off
  • Super soft towel has been designed to make it gentle, lightweight and easily portable. This Hair Turban reduces the risk of split ends that can occur when using a hair dryer. These hair wraps also reduce frizz and damage to your hair that electrical products can produce
  • These hair wrap towels are compact, meaning they are perfect for travelling with any size bag or suitcase. The turban is secured to your head by a loop and button fastener, so you can wander around the house and do other things whilst your hair is drying
  • Premium quality turban towel is available in elegant white colour that gives towel alluring and appealing look. The hands free design of the turban enables you have more time to do the things you love instead of spending time drying your hair
  • Beautiful turban towel is very easy to use. While using it Bend so that your hair hangs down, place the towel on the head (the end with button); Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel; Pull the safety loop over your head and secure it under the safety button

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ZASH London 100% Cotton Turban Towel Quick Hair Drying Super Absorbent Head Wrap With Loop and Button Fastener
Product Description
This hair turban towel is a fantastic option to dry your hair. Dries hair quicker naturally reducing damage caused by blow drying. This is a lighter and more convenient way to wrap your hair after washing due to the towels light-weight design. This 100% Cotton hair drying cap has super water absorbent ability. In addition, it has button & loop for keeping it on securely.
Product Feature
Large Quick Drying Hair Turban Towel
Extremely durable and lightweight, not bulky like a bath towel. 
Its unique non-slip twist and Button & loop system stays in place.
Attractive, functional and comfortable to use to make your hair obsolete
100% Cotton
Please Note:
Machine Washable at 30 degree
Turban Towel is available in White colour and single adjustable size.
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