100ml Fishing Bait Flavours Strong Concentrate Liquid For All Types Of Bait


  • Premium Garlic Flavour
  • Will enhance the attraction of all kinds of baits
  • Highly attractive scent
  • Tested Throughout Europe
  • Exclusive to Ourons Ltd

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These flavours will only improve the texture of any base mix, These can be used In all ground baits, the making of your own pellets, meat baits, method mixes, or boilies. These can be successfully applied to your milk proteins, bird foods and your combination mixes. yeasty ingredients and liquids also blend well with these essencesting a smooth profile that is ideal for long term baiting sessions, it is highly recommended within inclusion rate of up to 6 ml per pound of dry mix. (Doesn’t Melt PVA) They can also be used to make your own dips/and glugs. The attraction rate if used as suggested can only improve your carp, coarse fishing, large perch and catfish. As a tip why not use your chosen boilies into a polythene or plastic bag and seal overnight placing them in the freezer till the next day.

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