12awg 3.3mm² Silicone Electrical Wire 2 Core Cable 32ft [Black 16ft Red 16ft] Oxygen Free Stranded Tinned Copper Wire High Temperature Resistance Soft and Flexible


  • Total 33 feet(10Meters): 16.5FT(5Meters) Black and 16.5FT(5Meters) Red; 12awg(3.3mm²) silicone wire – super flexible 680 strands of 0.08mm Tinned copper wire
  • Color: 2 conductor parallel wire Black&Red; 2 jacket colors make for quick and easy to distinguish the polarity. Stranding structure makes it flexible and easy to install and you can cut into any length based on your need
  • High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire,Temperature Range: -60 degree celsius +200 degree celsius
  • Nominal Voltage 600V;Bear Current 30A;Conductor: High purity Stranded oxygen-free copper with tin-plated, specification features high conductivity, super low resistance and soft, can be bent arbitrarily, easy to welding, connect,cut and Separate.
  • Widely used for Car,batteries,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,model planes,model cars,model ships,meters,instruments,motor lead wire,digital fields and led strip lights.
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★High Quality Ultra Flexible Soft Silicone Rubber Copper Wire!Super Low Impedance,Highly Efficient! ★High strand count copper core,12 AWG silicone stranded wire has 680 strands 0.08 mm tinned copper wire,the copper strands are tinned,protecting them from corrosion and making it easier to solder. ★They are constructed with premium silicone rubber insulation temperature resistance 200 degree C,Low temperature resistance,in extreme cold -60 degree Cd Voltage: 600 voltside diameter 4.5 mm,tolerance +/- 0.1 mm. ★18awg 2 Conductor Parallel silicone wire spool: 2 colors,red and black,each color 16.5 ft(5Meters),total 33 feet(10Meters). ★This silicone wire are widely used for model planes,model cars,model ships,batteries,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,meters,instruments,motor lead wire and digital fields. 2 Conductor Parallel Wire:Total 33feet(10 Meters)【16.5ft(5Meters) black and 16.5ft(5Meters) red】 Nominal Voltage: 600V Testing Voltage:2000V Temperature Range:-60 Deg C to 200 Deg C Conductor: Tinned Copper OD Tolerance: ±0.1mm Insulator: Silicone Conductor: (1) Gauge:12AWG(3.3mm²) (2) Copper Number/Wire Diameter:680/0.08mm (3) Diameter: ∮2.48mm Insulator: (1) Jacket Thick:1.0mm (2) Over Diameter:4.5mm Bear Current:30A

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8.7 x 8.7 x 7.4 cm; 520 Grams