12PCS 10uF 50V Nichicon FG (Fine Gold) Audio Grade Capacitor 5×11 mm For high-end audio


  • Brand New Original Nichicon FG 10uF 50V
  • Diameter: 5 mm
  • Height: 11 mm
  • Distance between legs: 3.5 mm
  • Temperature coefficient: 85 degrees

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The famous Japanese capacitor manufacturer nichicon (Nikon) is one of the top six capacitor manufacturers in Japan (Rubycon ruby, nichicon sapphire, ELNA, NipponChemicon, SANYO Sanyo, Panasonic). Its product series are very large and outstanding, and it has always been the world leader in the field of global electrolytic capacitor technology. There are many varieties, the main audio series are: AUDIO, MUSE, FG (fine gold English signature version), KG (gold tune English signature version), FW, VR, HD, etc. Nichicon MUSE fine gold (FG) is a high-standard audio capacitor in the MUSE series, with gold skin and black lettering. Suitable for coupling, filtering and decoupling capacitors. His voice features: transparent and clear, clean sound bottom, good level, compact low frequency, penetrating high frequency, only the mid frequency is slightly weaker. Overall, it tends to be HIFI, refreshing, vigorous and modern. It is suitable for AV system, DVD, MD coupling capacitor. High-purity oxygen-free copper pins.

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