2 Bars of Original Aleppo Soap, 180 g, 60% Olive Oil, 40% Laurel Bay Oil, Aged Over 6 Years, pH Value 8, Detox Properties, Natural Vegan Products, Handmade According to the Traditional Age-Old Recipe


  • Original Aleppo soap according to traditional age-old recipe. Matured for a very long time (over 6 years), allowing it to reach a pH of up to 8. 100% vegetable, manufactured and cut by hand, no added preservatives or surfactants, no artificial colours or fragrances, no parabens, no animal experiments.
  • Due to the unrest in Syria, it has not been possible to receive this wonderful soap for such a long time. Our soap comes from one of the oldest and most original crafts of the Aleppo tradition, which is based in Lebanon.
  • The soap has a moisturising action, which keeps the natural protective layer of the skin unchanged. Also ideal for shaving. High capacity and produces very little foam, very long lasting.
  • 40% laurel bay oil and 60% olive oil. The more laurel it contains, the more effective it becomes for unhealthy skin.
  • Aleppo soap is very skin-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers and recommended for daily facial and body care. It is frequently used on acne-prone skin, and skin with acne, boils and blackheads; it has already helped many people regain clean, balanced skin and is therefore called “the secret suggestion for beautiful skin”. It is recommended by many dermatologists for particularly dry skin and neurodermatitis.

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