20 Hoover Bags Suitable for Siemens Super C Electronic 610#S17BL


  • 20 hoover bags suitable for Siemens Super C electronic 610 #S17BL
  • from LeaBen
  • Filters the smallest fine dust particles
  • Bag holder made of stable plastic

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20 hoover bags for Siemens Super C electronic 610Characteristics: – 5-ply – fleece – Contents: 20 hoover bags – optimal in function and suction power adapted to your hoover – no original Siemens – but of very good quality suitable for the following hoover: Siemens Siemens VS Z30000… 39999 – Z 3.0 Siemens dino Siemens Original-Gr. Type G XL Siemens Original-Gr. VZ 51 AFG Siemens Original-Gr. VZ 51 AFG 1 Siemens Original-Gr. VZ 52 AFG1 Siemens Original-Gr. VZ 52 AFGXL Siemens Original-Gr. VZ 92 G 34/44 Siemens power edition evolution 2000 Siemens Super XS, XXS – Dino Siemens VS 04G… – rapid Siemens VS 06G… – syncropower Siemens VS 06GP1266 Siemens VS 07G… -hygienic power Siemens VS 07G… -technopower Siemens VS 32A00… 33A99 – Super E Siemens VS 32B00… 33B99 – Super E Siemens VS 42A00… 44A99 – Super S Siemens VS 42B00… 44B99 – Super S Siemens VS 5 A 1000… 9999 Siemens VS 5 E 1000… 9999 Siemens VS 50A00… 59A99 – Super XS dino Siemens VS 50B00… 59B99 – Super XS dino Siemens VS 50C00… 59C99 – dino Siemens VS 50D00… 59D99 – dino Siemens VS 50E00… 59E99 – dino Siemens VS 50KA000… 59KA999 – dino Siemens VS 5E2000… 2999 Series Siemens VS 63A00 Siemens VS 63A07 (with basket) Siemens VS 63A10… 63A99 – Super C Siemens VS 70C00… 79C99 – Super M Siemens VS 70D00… 79D99 – Super M Siemens VS 90A00 -> VS 99A99 Siemens VS 90A0000… 99A9999 Siemens VS Z4GP… green power Siemens VSZ 4000… 4999 Series Siemens VSZ 40000… 49999 – Z 4.0 Siemens VSZ3XTRM…

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‎33 x 25.8 x 4.8 cm; 479.99 Grams