20PCS Floral Window Fly Stickers, Flies Sticker Trap for Indoor Insect Pest Attractor and Eliminator


  • Exploits the attraction to light and warmth, discreet, attractive, practical, simple solution to bothersome house flies.
  • Non-toxic and safer to use around children and pets.
  • Powerful adhesive will hold largest houseflies, effective for up to 3 months.
  • Easy to remove will leaves no sticky trace when removed from the window.
  • Easy to use, come with a detailed use instruction. Value package total 20pcs.
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Plai 20PCS Window Fly Sticks for Insect Flies Pest Control Product: Window Flytickers Sflower Stiers Size: 95 x 95mm Principle:xploits the action that flies have to widows an light, stickg oes or other ying insects when fast , preving them from getting all the way into the room. Why use the wiow fly stickers from Plai? 1. Non-toxic with no cicals or poisons. 2. Easy to set up and use 3. Effeve aginst mosouse pests. 4. Strong and double-si adsive ly trap stickers. 5. Highly-effective for up to 3 mons constant use. 6. Derative oral design can be placed on practically anyindow near to ere fly activity is seen. Package include:0 x Sunflower Style Stickers. 5 Packs *4 Traps Each Package Tips: 1. Replace the trap wn the trap is full of insects.

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10 x 10 x 2 cm