3 Phase KWh Meter,230/400V 5-100A DTM123SC Electric Power Meter, Energy Consumption Digital kWh Meter with LCD


  • DTM123SC three-phase electronic power meter is a new generation of smart meter which is made of large integrated circuit, advanced digital technology and SMT technology.
  • 35mm standard DIN – track installation, in line with the standard DIN EN50022.6 width (modulus 12.5 mm), in line with DIN43880 standarddard configuration 6+1 backlight LCD (9999999.1KWh).
  • Standard configuration pulse output passivity (polarity), can choose far pulse output passivity (non-polarity), and easy contact with various AMR systems, in line with the standard IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864. Dual-color LED indicates power status (green) and energy pulse signal (red).
  • The technical performance of the product fully meets the requirements of Class 1 active watt-hour meter in the international standard IEC 62053-21.
  • Direction measurement AC has functional consumption. This is independent of the flow direction of the load current. It meets the standard IEC 62053-21ct connection operation, you can choose two connection modes. Standard configuration S-type wiring, U-type wiring can be selected.

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Specification: Model: DTM123SC Accuracy: Level 1 Voltage specification: 3x230V/400V  50Hz Current specification: 3×5(100)A  (reference current, Max current) Insulation performance: AC voltage 4KV, 1 minute, 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6KV Display mode: LCD display
Installation method: Rail type installation (35mm)
Weight: 481g / 17.0oz

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