32 Pcs Double Sided PCB Board Prototype Kit 6 Sizes Universal Printed Circuit Protoboard for DIY Soldering Project Compatible with Arduino Kits


  • 32 pieces double-sided prototype boards of 6 different size to meet your demands when designing your own Arduino kits, electronic experiments and DIY projects
  • Pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors for your projects.
  • 4 mounting holes at the corners of the board are very convenient for installing them together.
  • Work with sodering welding led diode, screw terminal, dupont wire, connector, resistor, IC, DIP, sensors, transistor and other eletronic power components or devices with .1″ pin spacing. For Hobby Test, Computer Science Class experiments, point-to-point DIY IoT projects,Raspberry rasp Pi connection Perf Board.
  • Lettering on both side of the PC board makes it easier for prototyping projects, Cuttable fiber glass and FR-4 flame resistant good for soldering,Muti Pins, easy to cut and solder with appropriate tools. Flux for easy soldering and extended serving life of printed blank plating thru perforated board.
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Welcome to AiTrip Double Sided Porotype Board which is widely used among electronic experiments and point-to-point DIY soldering projects.
With the perfect designed pre-tined holes on the board you can easily install any sensors and components you need.
The high quality of glass fiber material and the great durability of the board can always meet you requirements in various situation.
Dimension:2×8/ 3×7/ 4×6/ 5×7/ 6X8/ 7×9 CM
Quantity: 32 pieces in total of 6 different sizes
Thickness: about 1.6mm
Material: Great quality of glass fiber FR4
Color: Green basic, silver tone
Hole-pitch: 2.54 mm/ 0.1 inches
Hole-diameter: 1 mm/ 0.04 inches
One package contain 32 pcs with 6 different sizes, Meeting different needs(large or small projects).
8pcs 2 X 8CM double-sided PCB board
8pcs 3 X 7CM double-sided PCB board
6pcs 4 X 6CM double-sided PCB board
6pcs 5 X 7CM double-sided PCB board
2pcs 6 X 8CM double-sided PCB board
2pcs 7 X 9CM double-sided PCB board

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7 x 5 x 2 cm; 20 Grams