-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics 5 Piece Dead Sea Essentials Kit Complete Regimen- Relaxation Set Includes Mud Body Wrap & Foot & Hand Cream- Perfect Gift Set. Suitable for All Skin Types


  • PURIFYING SET: -417 Dead Sea All in One set contains all the essentials relaxing, purifying & ANTI-AGING Dead Sea products you need to feel like being in a spa even whilst traveling and help maintain face & body shine, nourished skin and youthful glow like you have never experienced before!
  • -417 DEAD SEA ESSENTIALS includes Hand Moisturize, Foot Nourishing Cream, Aromatic Body Butter, Catharsis Mud Body Wrap, Catharsis Mineral Bath. Our fabulous vegan complementary products can also be used on their own and allow you to enjoy a unique spa regimen on travels.
  • ALL NATURAL & VEGAN APPROACH: -417 vegan Face & Body Regimen set created especially for cleansing, nourishing and protecting your skin from the ravages of environmental pollutants and preventing signs of aging thanks to 100% all natural active components ingredients, we are cruelty-free and don’t test our products on animals.
  • IDEAL GIFT SET: Our -417 Dead Sea Essentials complete Regimen Kit is the perfect gift set for your loved traveling ones who deserve peaceful & purifying relaxing time. (yourself included). Suitable for all skin types.
  • THE ART OF IMMEDIATE MIRACLES LUXURIOUS COSMETICS LINE is a Unique PRECIOUS MINERAL and VITAMIN COMPLEX combination of Essential Dead Sea Minerals from the lowest place on earth the Dead Sea -417 meters below Sea Level and in addition High concentration of natural active ingredients vitamins plants known for their rejuvenating properties.
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Feel the sensation of being in a spa even whilst traveling with; the silky-smooth hand and foot creams that help heal the challenges your skin experiences from jet lag and travel dehydration. Once you arrive, completely destress with your own Dead Sea Mud body wrap and draw out even the last of the toxins with your Dead Sea Salt Mineral body bath to completely relax and feel rejuvenated again. Then, finish your experience with your Aromatic Deep Nutrition Body Butter to fully rehydrate your skin with the essential oils that best moisturize and protect. HOW TO USE: Hand Moisturizer -No. 938 50 ml Apply daily over entire hand surface and massage in until fully absorbed. Foot Nourishing Cream – No.933 50 ml Massage daily into all foot areas until fully absorbed. Aromatic Body Butter No.952 50 ml Massage daily into your cleaned skin until fully absorbed. Catharsis Mud Body Wrap – No. 946 Sachet 100 ml Apply weekly to clean skin for any area, or the full body for 10-20 minutes and rinse away with lukewarm water. Catharsis Mineral Bath – No. 998 Sachet 100 gr. Add in approximately 50 grams as you begin drawing your bath, gently swirling them in the water for best distillation. Bathe for 15 to 20 minutes or until satisfied.

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