449g Süß Wax 21° Sugaring Sugar Paste for Hair Removal with Hand. No waxing Strips Necessary. for Cold Winter Days. Formulated to Work at up to 21° Room temperatures.


  • 449g Süß Wax 21° formulated to work at up to 21° room temperature. Perfect for very cold temperatures or for customers that find Süß Wax 24°, 27° and 30° too hard. If you ever had Problems with Sugaring Pastes being too soft or to hard then we recommend you give our Products a try.
  • This Sugaring Paste is used to remove hair with the “hand technique” or “flicking technique” , you do not need to use waxing strips with this paste. Because our Sugaring Paste is solely made of sugar, water and lemon juice you can easily clean any Sugaring residue with warm water.
  • Suitable to use for removing hair on all parts of the body. We produce all our Sugaring Pastes ourselves in Cologne, Germany. It is all natural, made of only three ingredients Sugar, Water and Lemon Juice.
  • After removing the Hair with Süß Wax Sugar Paste it realistically takes 2 to 3 weeks to start growing back, and when it does, it grows back smoothly and gently with soft tips. There is no itchiness compared to hair growing back after being removed by shaving.
  • We also sell Süß Wax in 24°, 27° and 30° consistency. We produce Süß Wax Sugaring Paste in several different consistencies so that you can use our Sugaring Pastes perfectly in temperatures varying from cold to very hot. If you have experience with Sugaring hair removal technique’s you will appreciate our unique formulations.

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Ingredients: Sugar, Lemon Juice, Water
We produce four different consistencies: 21°, 24°, 27° and 30°. If you ever had problems with Sugaring Pastes being too soft or to hard then we recommend you give our products a try.
Our Sugaring Sugar Pastes can be used with the “hand technique” or “flicking technique”, you do not need to use waxing strips with this paste. The Sugaring Paste is shortly warmed in the Microwave or in a pot of hot water. As soon as the Paste is soft enough to be removed from the jar a piece of the Sugar Paste the size of a Walnut is removed from the jar and kneaded in both hands so that the user can get the Sugar into the right consistency. As soon as the right consistency is achieved you must slowly apply the Sugar Paste onto the Hair in the opposite Hair growth direction. The Sugar Paste is then removed in a quick flat forward snatching motion into the hair growth direction. Repeat this process until the desired skin area is hair free.
Some good reasons to use Süß Wax:
Customers looking for a softer or harder Sugaring Paste please look at our other offers, we also sell Süß Wax in 24°, 27°, and 30° consistency.

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