4X Wooden Door Wedge Beech Wood Door Stopper Jammer Pack of 4 Natural BPA and Plastic Free


  • Natural Wood Toxic Free & Eco Friendly: Wooden door stops made of natural beech wood. Perfectly toxic free. No bad odour, no plastic no bpa and no harmful chemicals.
  • Suitable for All Floors: Test on all floors, the wooden anti slam door jammers are great for carpets, laminate, stone floor, tile flooring and wood flooring. In case of high doors these can either be put on top of each other or each inserted under the door on both sides. Works great on multi-surface.
  • Set of 4: Provided in a set of four to use for multiple doors. Additionally, the cardboard box (paper based) can be used as a storage box when the door stoppers are not in use.
  • Uses: Great to use as door wedge, door stopper, door jammer, anti-door slammer, leave the door ajar, wedge door stopper, heavy duty door stopper.
  • Lightweight and Portable: These are light weight and easy to carry. These portable door stoppers can carried while travelling to use in hotels, holiday homes and other such places.
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Made of Natural Beech Wood
Most door wedges in the market made of rubber and plastics may contain harmful and toxic chemicals with nasty smells. Our door stoppers are made of natural beech wood. These wood wedges contain no chemicals, paints,  Free from BPA or any other harmful substances. Just pure natural wood which are highly eco-friendly.
Traditional Design
These door jammers have been designed in simple yet perfectly traditional design to give that traditional look. The door stoppers not only leave your door ajar, but at the same time add to the overall beauty of your home or office.
Suitable for Multi Surface Floors
The wooden door wedges can be used on variety of floors such as carpet floors, wooden floors, carpet floors, stone floors and others.
Light Weight and Portable
The wood wedges for door are light weight and can be easily carried in a bag to be used while on the go. Simply chuck them in your handbag and you are good to go.
Easy Storage
These come in a small cardboard box so the door stoppers can be easily stored if required.
Package includes: 
4 Pcs of Door Wedges
What is a door wedge?
A doorstop door wedge is an object or device used to hold a door open or closed, or to prevent a door from opening too widely. It does not make a plane fly.

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