5 Pcs Three-wire Dc Voltmeter 0-100v 0.36 Inch Digital Tube Mini Voltmeter Voltage Tester


  • ❀Easy to use: Mini LED voltmeter does not require voltage regulation and can be directly connected to the circuit. It is equipped with three connecting wires, which can be connected to the internal circuits of cars, battery cars and motorcycles
  • ❀Wide measuring range: The mini digital display voltmeter breaks the traditional voltmeter, has the latest design, can directly work in the 4-30V circuit, and can measure the voltage range (DC 0-100V)
  • ❀Safety: The miniature voltmeter has a reverse connection protection function, it will not burn when the circuit is reversed, and has high safety
  • ❀Specification parameters: working voltage: DC 4-30V, measuring range: DC 0-100V, working current: <20mA, working temperature: -10~+65℃, working humidity: 10~80%RH (non-condensing), working Pressure: 80~106KPa
  • ❀Application range: The three-wire mini voltmeter can also be used as the second wire, which can be used to monitor the battery voltage, which is convenient for grasping the battery voltage status in time, and can also be used for voltage measurement of other products
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LED digital tube color: Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green
Working voltage: DC 4-30V
Measuring range: DC 0-100V
Working current: <20mA
Working temperature: -10~ +65℃
Working humidity: 10~80%RH (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80~106KPa
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5 x Mini Voltmeter

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7 x 10 x 1 cm; 30 Grams