500ml Blended Pure Fish Oil for All Year Round Fishing Baits


  • Pure Fish Oil Blend From Ourons
  • Includes tuna, salmon, cod and trout oils
  • Use All Year Round, Great attractor
  • PVA Friendly and very nutritious fish feed

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This blended fish oil is ideal for use if you are planning a large fishing weekend as its suitable for all kinds of baits. This blended oil is rich in fatty oils coming from fish such as tuna, salmon, cod and trout. It’s also ideal for injecting into your pike baits. I inject into pieces of chopped up mackerel and use as ground bait for a pike. Sometimes on the locks that I fish I spend one day ground baiting and indicating where the ground bait is by using a small piece of polystyrene attached to a thread tied to a brick. So that when I return I can see where my baits are deposited. And this bait has been a brilliant attractor for carp & predatory fish for example pike, perch, zander, catfish and eels. This mixed fish oil is P.V.A friendly and full of nutrition with natural attraction properties which improves the appeal of all baits. Can be used for stick mixes, pellets, etc Recommended inclusion Rate: 20/30ml per lb of dry mix.

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