58mm Coffee Distributor & Coffee Tamper – Espresso Distributor and Barista Tamper Tool – Stainless Steel -YC3


  • [Barista Accessories] – A 2in1 adjustable tool that fits in with all your barista accessories, tamping mat and machine.
  • [Coffee Leveler] – Easily levels the coffee grounds into a flat surface, resulting in evenly distributed coffee grounds in the espresso basket.
  • [Espresso Tamper] – Perfectly compresses and flattens the ground coffee in the coffee basket after being grounded, making it easier to dispose into the coffee grounds into knock box.
  • [Universal and Adjustable] – Can be used with your Sage coffee machine filter, Breville One Touch coffee machine as well as others. Matches existing Sage accessories with a stainless steel finish. The dual head design is easily adjustable on both sides to suit any depth of portafilter, ensuring the perfect tamping pressure every time.
  • [Aesthetically Designed] – The stainless steel 58 mm coffee tampers is the perfect item to match your coffee knock box or portafilter, completing your barista set and fits in with your other coffee tools such as tamper mat or coffee mat.
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2in1 coffee distribution and tamper tool perfect for home baristas.-The dual purpose coffee tool allows the perfect force to be applied to the coffee grounds, and distribute the coffee grounds evenly leading to a perfect coffee puck each time. -Helps improve the consistency of your expresso pour, resulting in a perfectly poured shot each timeructions: 1. Grind the coffee beans into the the portafilter.2. Place the 2in1 tool onto the 58mm portafilter with the bevelled side down and spin the tool. 3. Swap the sides over so the flat surface is facing downwards into the coffee grounds, and apply pressure, resulting in perfectly tamped coffee grounds. 4. Remove tool and place into machine, and run coffee machine.5. Enjoy! Nb: Comes engraved with discrete YC3 logo.

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6.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm; 573 Grams