7×6 Inch Smell Proof Bag Odor Proof Stash Case Storage Container Carbon Lined Absorbs And Eliminates Stink And Smelly Scent


  • Smell Proof Odor Locking Bag – Contains all odor within the carbon Fibers
  • Washing Instructions. Turn Bag inside out and leave in the sun for a few hours for the Carbon to reactivate
  • Traps the stinkiest smells and no body will know whats inside the bag
  • Guaranteed to pass your Grandmothers Nose Test
  • Perfect gift all year long
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Perfect Travel Size Smell Proof Bag. Great for concealing your stash and smelly products.

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Weight 0.314 kg

Discreet Smoker