8-36V Relay Module 4-channel Multifunction Time Delay Relay Interface Board Module Optocoupler LED


  • Number of channels: The relay module has 4 channels of input and output control, and each channel can be set with 20 functions to meet more application requirements.
  • DC 8v-36v wide voltage input with power supply anti-reverse function, will not damage the module due to power connection error.
  • Application: Can be widely used in various power control applications
  • Accessories: This relay has a power indicator and a relay intake indicator.
  • The module presets up to 20 functions, adopts 8-36V wide voltage power supply design, and increases the linkage function of each channel. Users can freely combine various new applications, such as sequential linkage and cyclic linkage.
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It can set the timing function for at least 1 second, precise timing, and the error is less than 1%. When turned off, all setup options are automatically saved and the content is not lost.
Electric Parameter:
Working voltage:recommended DC 8v-36v (extreme working voltage DC 6v-45v)
Rated power:Static power less than 0.1W
Dynamic power is less than 1.5W
Working temperature:recommended -20°C to 60°C (limit working temperature range -30 °C-70 °C)
Load capacity: Normally open port:DC 0-30V /10A, AC 0-250V /10A
Normally closed port:DC 0-28V /10A, AC 0-125V /10A
Module Port:
Module voltage/signal input terminal: there are 8 line interfaces, all of which have terminals for user
VIN: DC positive pole
GND: DC negative pole
OFF: Power control terminal
COM: Pommon end of photoelectric isolation signal input
IN1-IN4: Input signal detection interface
Relay load output: 12 – wire interface, all interfaces have terminals
Material: ABS
Size: 85 × 75mm / 3.35 × 2.95in
Weight: Approx. 88g
Package List:
1 × Relay Module

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