(8-in-1)Multifunction Faucet & Sink Installer Wrench Plumbing Tool Water Pipe Spanner for Toilet Bowl/Sink/Bathroom/Kitchen Plumbing and more,Repair and Installation Tools


  • Multi-purpose:Faucet installer most suitable for supply nuts,shut off valves,strainer baskets,supply line nut,faucet nuts slot allows for easy access to existing supply lines,simpler and more convenient than traditional tools
  • Detailed size of the wrench : Our wrench has a length of 26cm and a maximum diameter of 5.2cm. The internal dimensions of the wrench head are (From the inside out) 2.1cm & 2.35cm & 2.8cm
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: suitable for small space operation and easy to rotate. The extra-long design allows you to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers and ball valves. Also, damage to the chrome can be avoided when the valve is closed. The balancer makes it easier to find a balance point. such as hanging objects (strokes, wall-mounted TVs, etc.)
  • MATERIAL: High-strength ABS engineering plastic, non-slip texture, easy to release arm strength. NOTE! ! ABS plastic can’t replace the hardness of steel. It is recommended to use the appropriate force when working (maximum strength should not exceed 500 cattle)
  • Labor Saving Design:With a rod being inserted in the tail hold, this sink wrench for common faucet installations and sink strainers can easily to rotate at awkward angles without scratching your chrome.
  • Extra-long Design:Lets you to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers and ball cocks,makes your installation more convenient.
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8 In 1 Faucet And Sink Installer Multifunctional Wrench Tool


-Material: Metal, Plastic
–Color: Red
–Style: 8 In 1
–Length: 260mm/10.24″
–Suitable For: Toilet Bowl/Sink/Bathroom/Kitchen Plumbing and more.

Package Included:
–1×Multifunctional Faucet & Sink Installer


(1)Please measure the size of the faucet and sink before buying this product.

(2) If you do not know the size of the faucet and nut, please contact the seller first, then decide whether to buy.

(3)PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT tool : Please pay attention to the professionalism of our products. professional sink and faucet nut wrenches. Professional personnel are advised to carry out operations.

We recommend that you read the precautions and instructions on the package when you purchase them. Can help you understand and use our wrenches most accurately.

When you receive the product. If you are not fully aware of the performance and use of the product. Please feel free reach us, We are happy to solve the problem for you.

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