ACTIVE SOL Men’s Fit-Over Sunglasses | UV400 Fit-Over Sunglasses | Polarised | Fit-Over Polarised Glasses for Prescription Glasses Wearers


  • FIT-OVER SUNGLASSES to wear over almost any prescription glasses. Perfect for driving, holidays, sport, in the snow, in bright and low sun, in low natural contrast and for light-sensitive eyes.
  • POLARISED LENSES for relaxed eyes. High-quality polarised glasses that reduce reflections to a minimum and increase contrast. Colours seem more vibrant and saturated.
  • PROTECTION for your eyes. EU filter category 3. UVA and UVB protection – reduces transmission to between 8% and 18%. Harmful UV rays are completely filtered out. Flexible, durable material.
  • ROAD SAFETY. These fit-over sunglasses are really quick to put on. The polarised lenses mean you can recognise other road users and hazards more quickly. Side panels reduce your blind spot. Extra wide panels at the top and sides protect you from sun and wind.
  • THE BEST ALTERNATIVE to prescription sunglasses. Fit over all glasses up to 14cm wide and 6cm high. Glasses cloth included. High-quality packaging.

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ActiveSol Fit-Over Sunglasses | The Perfect Sunglasses for Glasses Wearers | Men’sThese fit-over sunglasses by ActiveSol fit over almost all regular glasses and reading glasses. They are  the perfect alternative to buying expensive prescription sunglassescially suitable for: – driving- on the water- in the snow- in bright and low sun- in low natural contrast- for light-sensitive eyesFor comfortable vision in the sunThe lenses in ActiveSol fit-over sunglasses are high-quality polarised lenses. This means that sunlight reaching the glasses at an angle is reflected. – Reflection is reduced to a minimum – such as on the surface of water or when skiing. – Contrast is increased – allowing you to recognise objects more easily while letting your eyes relax. – Colours seem more vibrant and saturated. For extra safetyActiveSol sunglasses have been developed to guarantee the best possible level of safety. – EU filter category 3 in compliance with DIN EN ISO 123-12-1. Sun exposure (transmission) reduced to a maximum of 8% – 18%.- UVA and UVB protection. Harmful UV rays are completely filtered out. – Extra large panels at the sides and top to protect from sun and wind. – The glasses are made from a flexible and durable polycarbonate. Road safetyBy wearing ActiveSol fit-over sunglasses, safety in low and vey bright sun is improved. – It’s  much faster to put these glasses on than to swap your regular glasses for prescription sunglasses. – The polarised lenses let you recognise other road users and hazards more quickly and easily. – Additional panels at the side of the fit-over sunglasses mean a wider range of vision, reducing your blind spot. DimensionsThe sunglasses will fit over any glasses up to the following maximum measurements: – Width (leg to leg): 14cm- Height (lens frames): 4cm- Length (leg): 14cm

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14 x 14 x 4 cm; 120 Grams