Activlab Wpc 80 Foil 700g with 23 Servings | Whey Protein Concentrate | Mass Builder Supplements | Protein Powder Nutrition – Vanilla Flavor.


  • The highest quality protein, as much as 75g per 100g
  • Highly digestible high-protein supplement – whey protein concentrate. High biological value and a large dose of essential amino acids
  • Low in fat and sugar. Each package contains 66 servings. Each serving contains 23.0 g of protein
  • Available in DIFFERENT FLAVORS – the perfect addition to your favorite dishes and drinks at any time of the day: strawberry, milk chocolate, vanilla, creamy fudge
  • Activlab WPC 80 is the perfect addition to your favorite dishes and drinks at any time of the day

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WPC 80 Standard by Activlab is a high protein whey protein concentrate with low sugar content. Does not contain Aspartame! The product is available in four delicious flavours (strawberry, vanilla, banana, natural), which have been developed in cooperation with aromatic agents of one of the leading European companies specializing in flavour development, e.g. popular dairy foods
WPC 80 Standard is a recommended product for building muscle mass for athletes and regular exercisers. The best quality protein, up to 73.4g per 100g, effectively helps maintain muscle mass. Supplement available in a package of 700 g as a powder for preparation as a drink. Usage: 30 g (1½ flat scoops) dissolved in 200 ml of water. Apply twice a day between meals. Aroma, acidity regulator: citric acid (strawberry flavor), thickener: carboxymethylcellulose, sweetener: sucralose, dyes: ammonia caramel (nutty flavor), natural cochine (strawberry flavor) .

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