AEG Electrolux ohn Lewis Tricity Bendix Zanussi Zoppas Washing Machine Counterweight Screw. Genuine Part Number 1240220010


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  • Genuine replacement counterweight screw for your washing machine.
  • This can fit washing machines sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part / accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” & then click “See all product details”
  • This is a Genuine Product
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
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For a full list of models this part is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
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The part supplied will be exactly as listed above. Before ordering please ensure you have checked this part / accessory is suitable for your appliance. Full details of the appliance models this part / accessory is suitable for is listed below, please click “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
Legal Disclaimer. Please take appropriate safety precautions when undertaking repairs on all appliances. Some products are intended for use by appropriately trained professional/trade users. Repairs to gas cookers and gas hobs should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Suitable for the following appliances: Aeg 1261SENSOT, 1261TURBOSENSOT, 1370, 1370TURBO, 1480, 1480TURBO, 1571SENSOT, 1571TURBOSENSOT, 16800, 16810, 2200ID, L10500V, L10500VI, L12510VI, L12700VIT, L12710, L12710VIT, L12820, L12830, L14500VI, L14510VI, L14700VIT, L14710VIT, L14800, L16810, L16820, L16830, L50815, L52810, L62810, L62825, L64810, L74810, L74825, L74900, L76810, L76825, L86810, L88810, LAV1260, LAV1260 TURBO, LAV2200ID, LAV2200IW, LAV50430-W, LAV50435-W, LAV50630, LAV50630-W, LAV50800, LAV50810, LAV51635-W, LAV52435-W, LAV52600, LAV52810, LAV54600, LAV54810, LAV62600, LAV62800, LAV62810, LAV62820, LAV64600, LAV64810, LAV66600, LAV72630-W, LAV72640, LAV74330, LAV74330-W, LAV74335, LAV74335-W, LAV74630-W, LAV74630-W GB-, LAV74630-W GB-, LAV74640, LAV74689, LAV74700, LAV74800, LAV74810, LAV74820, LAV76639-W, LAV76640, LAV76669, LAV76689, LAV76800, LAV76810, LAV76820, LAV84745, LAV84749, LAV86730-W, LAV86741, LAV86800, LAV86810, LAV88730-W, LAV88800, LAV88810, LAV88840, LAVALOGIC1600, LAVALOGIC1610, LAVALOGIC1620, LAVAMAT1260, LAVW1050, LAVW1059, LAVW1159, LAVW1230-W, LAVW1250, LAVW1259, LAVW1450, LL1620, OEKOLAVAMAT1051, OEKOLAVAMAT1271, Bendix BIW125W, BIW145W, BWD134W, Brandt WBD1211, De Dietrich LZ9616U1, LZ9619U1, LZ9619U2, Electrolux CAW1210, EW1000I, EW1003W, EW1005F, EW1006F, EW1007F, EW1013I, EW1025F, EW1062W, EW1100F, EW1130F, EW1134F, EW1200I, EW1209I, EW1230F, EW1232W, EW1235F, EW1236W, EW1246W, EW1265F, EW1418I, EW1453F, EW1547F, EW1548F, EW800F, EW813F, EW840F, EW851F, EW855F, EW901F, EWD1214I, EWD1409I, EWD1419I, EWF12108W, EWF14108, EWF14108W, EWN13570W, EWN14780S, EWN14780W, EWN14991S, EWN14991W, EWN16781W, WH263, WM1000A, WM1200A, Firenzi FWD1200, FWD1210, FWM1000, FWM1010, Frigidaire WD9280, WM8018, John Lewis JLBIWD1400, JLBIWM1401, JLWD1404, JLWD1406, JLWD1408, JLWM1201, JLWM1202, JLWM1203, JLWM1402, JLWM1403, JLWM1405, JLWM1407, JLWM1603, Kuppersbusch IWT1209.0 B, IWT1209.0 W, IWT1259.0W, Moffat WDF40B, WDF40W, WF40B, WF40W, Prima LPR710, LPR711, LPR720, LPR721, Privileg (Lux) 950.243 6/8468, 950243_8468, Tricity AW410, AW440, AW440AL, AW450, AW460, AW480, AW480AL, CAW1000, CAW1200, CAW800, CPW1000, CWD1000, CWD1200, WR540, WR540AL, Tricity Bendix AW1000W, AW1050, AW1054W, AW1070, AW1100S, AW1100W, AW1200W, AW1201W, AW1250, AW1253W, AW1260S, AW1260W, AW1400W, AW1401W, AW1460W, AW1560W, AW400, AW405, AW420, AW660, AW900W, BA450, BA450/B, BIW1000W, BIW1200W, BIW1202, BIW123W, BIW125W, BIW126W, BIW145W, BW550B, BW550W, BW650, BWD1011, BWD1012, BWD134W, CAW1010, CAW1210, CWD1000, CWD1010, EW1003W, FJ1094G, TBWD1210, TBWM1110, WDR1020, WDR1030, WDR1040W, WDR1041W, WDR1240W, WDR1241W, WR540, Zanker IZ12, Zanussi CAW1010, F1045W, F1203W, F1245W, F1256W, F505, FJ1033, FJ1033SW, FJ1040, FJ1053, FJ1054W, FJ1093, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ1200, FJ1214, FJ1224, FJ1224W, FJ1254W, FJ1295, FJ1296, FJ1354S, FJ1454W, FJ831, FJ893, FJ963, FJ964, FJD1266W, FJD1466S, FJD1466W, FJD1666W, FJDR1266W, FJDR1466S, FJDR1466W, FJDR1666W, FJI1204, FJI1204B, FJR1254W, FJR1454W, FJS1025W, FJS1097NW, FJS1197W, FJS1225W, FJS1397W, FJS1425W, FJS1597W, FL1030, FL1032, FL1032SW, FL1034, FL1081, FL1082, FL1083 AMIE, FL1084, FL1084AL, FL1085, FL1234, FL1281, FL1282, FL12INPUT, FL15INPUT, FL411C, FL504NN, FL826, FL827, FL828, FL828AL, FL850, FL853, FL881, FL884, FL884AL, FLA1001W, FLA1002W, FLA1101W, FLA1201W, FLE1015W, FLE1016W, FLE1115W, FLE1116W, FLE1215W, FLE1216W, FLE1416W, FLI1042, FLI1042BR/B, FLI1042W/B, FLS1084, FLS1183W, FLS1185QAL, FLS1185QW, FLS1186W, FLS1383W, FLS1386W, FLS874CN, FLS985QAL, FLS985QW, FR1250S, FR1250W, FR1450W, FS1055W, FS1155W, FS1255S, FS1255W, FS1355W, FS1455W, FS1555W, FX1165W, FX1265W, FX1365W, FX1465W, IZ10, IZ12, IZ141S, IZ141W, IZ16, IZ161S, IZ161W, IZ16S, W1042W, W1242W, WD1250W, WD15INPUT, WDA1055W, WDA1255W, WDI1215B, WDI1215W, WDJ1054, WDJ1074, WDJ1094, WDJ1285, WDJ1285B, WDJ1294, WDJ1500, WDL1282, WDL1282B, WDS1072C, WDS1183W, WDT1070, WDT1072, WDT1075, WDT1085, WDT1275, WDT1275B, WJD1257S, WJD1257W, WJD1357S, WJD1457W, WJD1667W, WJS1197W, WJS1265W, WJS1397W, WJS1465W, WJS1665W, Z703C, Z705C, ZJ1217, ZJ1218, ZJ124, ZJ1284, ZJD1219, ZJD12191, ZJD125, ZJD1285, ZT1012, ZT1014, ZT102, ZT1022, ZT1082, ZWD1251W, ZWD1252W, ZWD1260W, ZWD1261W, ZWD1262S, ZWD1262W, ZWD1270S, ZWD1270W, ZWD1271W, ZWD1272W, ZWD1470W, ZWD1471S, ZWD1471W, ZWD1472S, ZWD1472W, ZWD1480W, ZWD1662W, ZWD1680W, ZWD1681W, ZWD1682W, ZWF10070W, ZWF1010W, ZWF1020W, ZWF1021W, ZWF1111W, ZWF1112W, ZWF12070S, ZWF12070W, ZWF1210W, ZWF1211W, ZWF1217W, ZWF1218W, ZWF1220S, ZWF1220W, ZWF1221G, ZWF1221S, ZWF1221W, ZWF1227W, ZWF12280W, ZWF1230W, ZWF1231W, ZWF1237W, ZWF1240W, ZWF1241W, ZWF1311W, ZWF14070W, ZWF1415W, ZWF1420W, ZWF1421S, ZWF1421W, ZWF1427W, ZWF14280S, ZWF14280W, ZWF1430S, ZWF1430W, ZWF1431S, ZWF1431W, ZWF1432S, ZWF1432W, ZWF1434W, ZWF1437S, ZWF1437W, ZWF1440W, ZWF1441W, ZWF1450W, ZWF1451W, ZWF14581W, ZWF1521W, ZWF16070S, ZWF16070W, ZWF1621S, ZWF1621W, ZWF16281W, ZWF1630W, ZWF1631W, ZWF1632W, ZWF1637W, ZWF1640S, ZWF1640W, ZWF1650W, ZWF1651W, ZWF16581S, ZWF16581W, ZWF1840, ZWF1850, ZWG1100P, ZWG1121P, ZWG2120P, ZWG3102, ZWH6120P, ZWN1220W, ZWN1420G, ZWN1620S, ZWN1620W, ZWV1651S, ZWX1505W, ZWX1506W, ZWX1605W, ZWX1606W, Zoppas PL4M

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg



1 x 1 x 1 cm; 10 Grams