AmaCupid Drill Arbor Adapter,Spindle Diameter 3/8 inch. Connect Polishing Wheel,Convert Cordless Drill/Electric Drill into Bench Buffer/Bench Grinder


  • Application range: Polishing wheel adapter can be connected to the polishing wheel with an inner diameter of more than 10mm, and it can be connected to the grinding wheel, fiber wheel, wool wheel, and cloth wheel. The connecting rod set solves all the connection problems of the polishing wheel
  • Installation: install the triangular end of the electric adapter on the cordless drill or hand drill, install splint and polishing wheel (grinding wheel, fiber wheel, wool wheel, cloth wheel) on the threaded part respectively, tighten the screws
  • Size: Drill Arbor Adapter total Length :2.96 inches (7.5 cm), Thread Diameter: 0.39inch (1cm), Thread Length :0.74 inches (1.88 cm). Please purchase according to the dimensions in the drawing to avoid the spindle adapter not suitable for your machine
  • Advantages: Conversion rod is made of solid steel, and two wide pressure plates are fixed on both sides of the polishing wheel, which are tightened by screws. Triangle mounting is more securedvantages:Adaptor spindles need to be frequently coated with oil to prevent rust
  • Note: After the conversion shaft is used, please coat the main shaft with engine oil toprotect the smoothness of the parts and prolong the service lifer-sales:If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve the problem until you are satisfied
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product description: Type: Hand drill accessories Name: Polishing hand electric drill variable grinder conversion head (combination) Material: Steel Quantity: Conversion rod 1, fastening screw 1, fixing pressure plate 2, (4 pcs) Specifications: Conversion rod length: 3 inches Conversion rod thread diameter: 0.4 inches Fastening screw: outer longitude: 0.7 inches Fixed pressure plate diameter: 1.6 inches, hole diameter: 0.43 inches Weight: 0.22 pounds This is a transfer shaft, connecting rod. Polishing wheel tool bar extension adapter/tool handle extension for electric drill and Angle grinder. Hand electric drill grinder, table grinder installation of various polishing wheel connecting shaft. It can be connected with grinding wheel, all kinds of cloth wheel, wool wheel, fiber wheel, metal wheel, used for conveniently cutting items, polishing metal, polishing jewelry, leather, wooden furniture, glass, etc. Easy to move using electric drill.

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‎12.9 x 8.79 x 1.7 cm; 86.18 Grams