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Amazing Health 70 cm Purple Fleece Unscented Microwave Wheat Bag

  • Extra long fleece wheat bag in longer length wheat bag for use around the body, neck, shoulder, waist, back, legs and arms.
  • The wheat pack is from a new range of products made exclusively by us. Designed and made in UK.
  • Wheat bags are filled with wheat which when heated may appear damp for first few uses, can be towel dried.
  • A natural drug free solution for pain relief. Recommended by therapists for pain, injuries, aches and relaxation.
  • Gently heat by microwave or cool in a freezer, shaped to mould itself to any part of the body, making it easy to target the pain or therapy


In stock

The wheat bag is filled with wheat from England. An unscented wheat bag for those who don’t want lavender scent. It can be gently heated in the microwave or cooled in a freezer, and is designed to mould itself to any part of the body. Its extra long size can aid back pain, tummy aches, period pains, limb strains and the neck and shoulders making it easier to target pain. Essential oils can be added if required. These wheat bags are specially made for us without lavender, in rare cases (from the factory which uses fragrances) any slight fragrance present will soon disappear as they are only filled with wheat. Wheat bags may appear damp on the first few uses whist the wheat is heated up and releases moisture, this will settle down after a few uses and can be towel dried.
Please follow instructions carefully and ensure you do not overheat. Only re-heat from room temperature. Ensure you use a clean microwave and allow the turntable to rotate without obstruction. Remove from box. Use a clean microwave. Place the wheat bag in a microwave so it can rotate freely. Maximum heating times 0-800Watt 2 mins. 801-1000Watt 90 seconds. Place a small cup of water inside the microwave whilst heating to assist wheat hydration, after many uses to ensure it does not dry out. Cooling in a freezer for 1-2 hours or as required.


Amazing Health


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