Amazra Maternity belt – Pregnancy Support Belt for pelvic pain back pain made with organic cotton. Soft, breathable Belly Band / Abdominal Binder safe and comfortable. One size easily adjustable


  • ♥SAFE FOR DEVELOPING BABY♥:The soft, stretchable fabric won’t limit your developing baby’s movement. It is fully adjustable and can accommodate all stages of pregnancy, as well as post pregnancy recovery. The belt hugs your growing baby like a pair of mother’s comforting hands.
  • ♥IMPROVES POSTURE♥: provides enough compression to improve posture while sitting, standing and walking.
  • ♥REDUCES STRAIN ON BACK, HIPS AND PELVIC MUSCLES♥: This maternity belt wraps around your belly to hug and gently lift your baby bump helping to ease over extension, discomfort, spinal strain, pelvic pain, joint pain, hip pain as well as reducing pressure on your bladder and other internal organs.
  • ♥SUPPORTS WEAK ABDOMINAL MUSCLES♥: and prevents stretch marks and excessive abdominal muscle separation.
  • ♥MONEY BACK GUARANTEE♥: At Amazra, we believe pregnancy is a time to be cherished without the unnecessary pain, after all you are growing a little miracle inside of you, pregnancy should be better enjoyed not endured. We are so happy and confident about our maternity belt that we want to give you the opportunity to try for yourself risk free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied for whatever reason just return our belt within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund.
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  • 30 day easy returns
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ApplicationThe Amazra Pregnancy Support belt is designed especially for women to help relieve back pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy by supporting the abdominal muscles and ligaments belt can also be used after delivery to help promote abdominal recovery and proper spinal alignment use: wrap belt around abdominal area and fix the back with the velco panels so that the belt fits just snuggly around your waist. Remove belt before sleepingBenefits1. Minimises back and spinal discomfort2. Stabilises pelvic area3. Prevents stretch marks and excessive abdominal muscle separation4. Relieves pressure on internal organs5. Improves spinal alignment and posturePlease note Pregnancy support belts are not intended to resolve underlying medical issues, please consult a professional doctor about any such conditions. Material Made of breathable cotton and elastic spandex with a long velcro band for extra grip belt is soft and lightweight and can be worn discreetly under regular clothingOne size – adjustable. Fits up to 117cm (46 inches). Laundry guide1wash2ine wash with mesh laundry bag Leave in a cool place to dry naturally.

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