Amefa 621000WF19G24 Vintage Kings 24 Piece 6 Person Cutlery Set – Gift Boxed(Silver)


  • Serves 6 People: this set contains 6x table knives, 6x table forks, 6x dessert spoons, 6x teaspoons
  • Kings Parish Pattern: not everyone wants minimal. Kings is ornate and formal without costing the kings ransom. Dating from the early 19th Century, it’s great for everyday dining, special occasions or seasonal entertaining
  • Fine Quality Stainless Steel: 18/0 Stainless Steel that has been polished for a brilliant mirror finish. All cutlery knives are made from 13/0 stainless steel
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 25 Year Guarantee: we’ve tested hundreds of knives, forks and spoons so you don’t have to. Each piece has a tick for durability, performance and lasting style. If there’s a fault with our workmanship or materials during this guarantee period, we promise to repair or replace it free of charge
  • finish types: Polished
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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At Amefa, we don’t call ourselves international cutlery experts for nothing! We understand what really works for our customers, whether they’re setting the table for the first time or the thousandth! Our styles range from the contemporary to the classic, blow the budget to “I’m counting every penny. So if you’re all set, we’ll begin.
There’s not much we don’t know about cutlery. We live and breathe the stuff and if we’re honest, probably spend far too much time obsessing over all the little details.
Seriously though, when you buy from us, you’re buying a truly fabulous service in every sense of the word. Stylish, on-trend designs sit hand in hand with the expertise and know how of a company that’s been setting tables since 1931.
We chose the finest quality stainless steel, and test every single piece for lasting durability and performance. Why, because if we do things the way we’d like them done if we were the customer, then we believe we’re off to a great start
Be honest, not everyone’s born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
That’s why our Vintage cutlery offers a real choice and quality, but without the scary prices. We know that cutlery may have changed very little over the last 200 years, but the way we eat has. How many of us sit down to dinner every day or polish our silverware before we set the table? In the real world, it’s stuff we use every single day, so second best is never good enough as far as we’re concerned. From starter sets to family sized canteens, new century modern to a bit of vintage charm, if you’re after a range that’s well designed and made from fine quality stainless steel, Vintage is spot on!
Not everyone wants minimal. Kings is our “bit of posh”, but without the king’s ransom. Dating from the early 19th century, it’s great for special occasions or seasonal entertaining.
Box Contains 6 Dinner Knives 6 Dinner Forks 6 Dessert Spoons 6 Teaspoons

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Weight 1.3 kg

Brand: Amefa