Amesbichler Plastic Stirrups Reflex with Flexible Wide Tread Black/blau| Compositi Plastic Stirrups


  • With non-slip surface, Colour: Black/Blue
  • Wipe clean, break-proof and rustproof quality
  • With built-in reflectors for evenings and at dusk visibility.
  • An integrated 3D swivel tread that adapts your point of foot
  • The Profile of the kick for in an emergency is cooked as fast out the temples
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Compositi stirrup with flexible tread the glasfaserverstärkte Swivel Deck of the climbing reflective is situated on a shock absorbing cushion which, an amazing invention that literally finds, shock absorber and the tension in the knees and joints Herabsetzt. The slim profile has been specially developed to, making your foot in an emergency from the stirrups can be taken out. Very shock resistant and resistant to moisture, even at low temperaturen. glasfaserverstärkte pivot Tread surface: 12 cm Width with non-slip surface for a secure grip. Shock absorbing inserts the impacts cushion, very light and strong. An integrated 3D swivel tread, strong resistance of impact and moisture resistant, even at low temperatures, spring, is designed to relieve pressure on ankles and knees. Easy to clean, easy on the eyes profile to in an emergency fast shoe release at the same time. Universal: Suitable for Dressage, And Versatility saddles. Size (Height x Width x Depth): 12 cm Reflective logo, stirrup Colour: Black/Blue F15011BLA wide stirrup with shock absorber with glass fibre reinforcement, the swivel sole of the reflective stirrup is positioned on a shock absorbent layer to relieve tension from knees and joints. The slender profile has been designed for quick foot release in an emergency. High resistance to shocks and damp, even at low temperatures.. Genuine day shock absorber wide, non-slip sole glass fibre reinforcement Optional flexible sole adult size étrier Large with amortisseur renforcé avec la fibre de verre, La semelle pivotante de l ‘étrier Large reflective est positionnée sur une couche absorbant les chocs to d ‘adoucir les impacts et libérer les tensions dans les genoux et les articulations. Son profile élancé a été conçu pour faciliter la sortie du pied en cas d ‘urgence.. Genuine day amortisseur de chocs semelle large antidérapante renforcé de fibre de verre semelle souple en option waist Adult

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