Aquasan AQUALUX Underplate Filter With Patented System In Silver 999 Universal Undersink Filter System Reduces Chlorine, Turbidity, Sand, Rust, Limestone And Metal Sediment


  • Install Directly Under The Kitchen Sink
  • Made In Italy
  • Immediate Filtration – Cartridge Life: 2000 liters
  • Very easy to install
  • Patented Silver Bacteriostatic Disc

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Multi-stage filter is great for drinking water treatment with immediate inline filtration, to be installed directly under your kitchen sink. Automatic filtration with every cold water supply. Multi-stage filter for domestic drinking water with filtration > 5 μm. To filter and prevent bacterial proliferation is composed of a mechanical filter, a cartridge with activated carbons and a patented silver bacteriostatic disc. Filters: chlorine, turbidity, sand, rust, limestone in suspension, metal sediments and algae film eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors. Very easy to install. Use only with cold water. Conforms DM n. 25 of 07/02/2012. Duration Filters (litres) 2000 Note: This equipment needs regular regular maintenance in order to ensure the drinking water treatment requirements and maintenance of improvements as stated by the manufacturer. Technical data: Input: 1/2 inch , Output: 1/2 inch , Min pressure: 2 bar / 5 bar , Filtration: 5 micron , Adsorbent filter: vegetable activated carbon + felt, Cartridge life: 2000 litres (3 months approx). Accessories included: adapter with water closing tap, 1/2 connection, 3/8 adapter, 1/2 flexible adapter, additional replacement cartridge Antibacterial system: patented system with Silver 999

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