as – Schwabe MIXO Stromzähler/Zwischenzähler – Adapter Box – High Current Socket – IP44 – Made in Germany I 61746, CEE Plug 400 V


  • MID – calibrated and sealed power current meter suitable for construction sites (IP 44).
  • 32 A/CEE 5-pin with 2 x 1.5 m cable type H07RN-F56.
  • With 32A CEE plug and socket 5-pin / 400 V.
  • Casing made of special shatter-proof plastic.
  • Counter cannot be reset to 0. Quality made in Germany.
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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MIXO Electricity Meter . . . . . are mobile and are used to capture the used electricity. If no measuring device is installed in the consumer to determine the used current, an external measuring device may be connected via a plug connection. MIXO electricity meter gives you the tamper-proof detection of measured values. Mixo electricity meters are made for different uses indoors and outdoors either with earthed contact or CEE plugs and the corresponding couplings. Roll counter: MID calibrated and sealed. MIXO electricity meters are installed exclusively roller counters, which are calibrated according to the specifications of the calibration authority. Easy to set up. For the correct detection of the measured values, insert the electricity meter between the power source and the consumer. The electricity count starts as soon as the consumer is switched on. Power consumption in building refurbishment. The landlord is obliged to accept the operating costs that arise during renovation work. During building renovation, use MIXO electricity meter to deduct the consumed electricity from the renter’s operating cost bill. Billing in case of damage in case of insurance, e.g. e.g. in the event of damage caused by higher violence such as flooding, MIXO electricity meters are used for electricity bills. Among other things, the operating costs of a drying device can be determined using the electricity meter. The insurance covers these costs.

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Weight 3.06 kg

as – Schwabe


30 x 28 x 10 cm; 3.06 Kilograms