Athens 2004


  • Participate in over 25 events
  • 800 characters from 64 countries across five continents
  • Four Arcade and eight Competition games modes
  • Stadia modelled on architectural plans
  • Dance mat compatible
  • For 1-4 players
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Replete with the official licence and a comprehensive selection of events, Sony’s Olympic tie-in Athens 2004 also remembers to bring plenty of entertainment along with it. In many ways harking back to the button-bashing titles of old, Athens 2004 features over two dozen events, each of which requires a slightly differing discipline to succeed in. The sprints still require you to hit alternate buttons as fast as you possibly can, of course, whilst others also require you to attain a fast speed, but add a timing element too. Then there are events such as the archery, and these test skill rather than speed. An added innovation is the ability to use your dance mat on certain events, and it’s a feature that genuinely works very well–much to the amusement of other players in multi-player mode, of course!
Now whilst some events work better than others, there’s little doubt that most gamers are going to find something they can warm to here. With a wide selection of game modes and the comprehensive selection of events, there’s plenty of entertainment for your money. Each of the events are easy to get to grips with, and some are harder to master than others. Crucially, though, there are few that won’t entertain you on some level.
Topped off with quality presentation and some strong multimedia work, Athens 2004 is something of a triumph, then. It comes into its own when more than one player takes part, but even without, it’s an enjoyable, very good value for money game, and a worthy tie-in to the planet’s most famous sporting event. –Simon Brew
Athens 2004, the official video game of the 2004 Olympic Games, has been designed to capture the spirit and emotion of the Olympics while providing the most detailed and comprehensive Olympic-licensed game ever made. Athens 2004 allows users to compete in four Arcade and eight Competition game modes, ranging from Practice to the Official Decathlon and Heptathlon combined events, while choosing one of 64 countries and 800 different characters. Athens 2004 features some of the Olympic Games’ most challenging sports, including Athletics (Track & Field), Aquatics (Swimming), Gymnastics, Shooting, Archery, Weightlifting and Equestrian. Players will be able to participate in more than 25 events including Hurdles, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, 100m Butterfly, Floor Exercises Men, Floor Exercises Women, Rings Men and numerous other Olympic events. Compatible with dance mats–attempt to run faster, swim stronger and jump higher without the button-bashing!

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