Audiostorm Quad Screamer. British made multi-mode germanium MOSFET overdrive pedal.


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  • Four different clipping stages to select or stack provide fifteen variations
  • NOS Germanium, Classic Silicon, Aggressive MOSFET and Bold LED all in one unit
  • Dirty and bright switches to expand your tone even further
  • Socketed 4558 chip that can be easily user swapped
  • Premium British quality designed and manufactured in Manchester, UK
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  • 30 day easy returns
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Our new take on an old classic offers a total of 60 combinations of germanium, mosfet, high gain and more with premium components and innovative level matching circuitry wanted to reinvent the ‘screamer concept with dozens of really useful modes so that serious players could fine tune their tone, take it to the next level and find something unique that makes them stand outse between rock’n’roll LED, tight asymmetric MOSFET, classic silicon crunch or gentle asymmetric germanium or blend them in any combination to create your unique sound. Add extra dirt or break free from the bluesy warmth with our dirty and bright switches for even more possibilities carefully selected our Germanium diodes from dozens and dozens of different types. We then scoured Europe and bought up as many of this type as we could afford to ensure we can make these pedals for some time to comeWouldn’t it be great if you could swap out the TI 4558P chip we chose to use? Sure it’s often said to be the perfect TS808 chip but tone is in the ear of the behearer… so we socketed that chip on the back of the board! Just unscrew the back, pull the chip out with your pudgy guitarist fingers and stick in any dual op-amp with a standard pin-out. We’ve even printed some suggestions on the back of the board love headroom so the Quad Screamer will run on any supply up to 30v. And you’ll really hear the tone change with more volts, especially in stacked diode modes, because loud is good!Carefully crafted by hand in Britain with premium parts this is unique tone you won’t get anywhere else. Our circuits are original and innovative and we aim to break boundaries whilst providing you with fantastic just-works ultra-usable gear that is chock full of tone.

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‎11.5 x 8 x 6 cm; 350 Grams