Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones, Comfortable and Adjustable Noise Reduction Earmuffs, Infants Hearing Safe Protect Headphone, for Concerts Fireworks, 0-5 Years Baby and Kids (Purple)


  • ? Lightweight & Durable Headphone – Made from high quality faux leather and ABS mterial chosen to minimize the weight which make our earmuffs highly portable and easy to carry, also super sturdy and durable. Adjustable sliding headband will good for kids from 0 to 5 years. This baby earmuffs will bring a nice and comfortable experience!
  • ? High-density Sound-absorbing Sponge – The baby earmuffs are equipped with high-density sound-absorbing sponge, making them the perfect defence against loud, disruptive, or dangerous noise. Maximum noise reduction, allowing babies to sleep without disturbances or having fun in kinds of outdoor activities. Protect your baby’s sensitive hearing anytime, anywhere!
  • ? Zero Pressure – Adjustable size for babies of different ages. Ergonomic design, large internal space design makes it no pressure on baby’s ears, with Skin-friendly and soft padded head band on top, stays close to baby’s head, all we expect is to see a beautiful smile on your baby’s face.
  • ? Keep Out Any Noise – Effectively keep out any noise at daytime, such as vacuum cleaner, home decoration, lawn mover or other noises, not only protects baby’s hearing, but also helps baby sleep better and longer.
  • ? Protect Sensitive Ears – Noise cancelling headphones have been designed for your baby’s sensitive ears. Keep your baby’s hearing safe while bringing them with you on all sorts of fun family adventures. These are ideal for live concerts, inemas, theme parks, travel, football games, sporting events, firework shows and even airplane rides.

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Constant exposure to noise will not only damage babies’ hearing, but also their brain development. Care for your baby’s hearing, say no to ambient noise! ? Comfortable, adjustable and lightweight XEMZ baby ear protection noise cancelling headphone is your perfect solution. ? Designed specifically for newborn babies, infants and toddlers, provide your little one with vital acoustic protection, will not put pressure on their ears or head, and allow they to sleep without disturbances ification: Material: ABS, high-density sound-absorbing sponge. Color: rose, blue, yellow, purple, green. Ear cover size: 1.5 x 0.7 inch. Package Includes: 1 x Noise cancelling earmuffs. Features: ?Adjustable for Perfect Fit Ergonomically designed padded arched wide headband stays close to your baby’s head bringing an all-around comfort without causing pressure. ?Sound-Dampening & Breathable There is a high-density sound-absorbing sponge inside the ear cup, not stuffy at all. Industry noise reduction rating thick oval sponge can reduce the noise to provide a comfortable level for your baby. ?Noise Canceling – Suitable for All Occasions Whether you are at a fireworks display, air show, shooting range, playground, theme park, concert, movie theater, band practice, car races, helping with household chores, and more outdoor events, you can safely enjoy, our noise cancelling headphones keeps your baby’s eardrums safe during loud noises and helps them drift off and stay asleep even in the noisiest environment.

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