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Ballpoint -STABILO SMARTball 2.0 Left Handed Black/Cyan blue ink

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  • High quality and enhanced all in one pen and stylus
  • Clever ballpoint pen with soft grip and sensitive touch-screen stylus that works on all your touch-screen devices
  • Use like a pen or a wand for scrolling, writing drawing, texting and avoid dirty, fingerprinted screens
  • Upgraded version for left and right handed people
  • Line width 0.5 mm, refillable with document proof blue and black ink


In stock

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It can do it all! STABILO SMARTball 2.0
An even smarter way to communicate – Ergonomic ballpoint pen with touchscreen function
Smartphones, tablets, Moleskine or Post-its: whichever way you wish to communicate – digital or analogue – fast and easy is what counts! So it’s good to have a pen that can do both: writing by hand, and precise typing.
With the new STABILO SMARTball 2.0, the two different operating modes makes this possible. On the one hand it works as a classic ballpoint pen, providing relaxed writing comfort thanks to the ergonomically-designed grip zone and on the other it’s just as easy to make digital notes with the pen’s touchscreen tip.
No matter how you hold the pen! This is because the SMARTball 2.0 now has a completely conductive shaft. Precise and fast typing, clicking or swiping no longer require extreme dexterity – and can even be done while wearing most kinds of gloves.
Furthermore, you can say goodbye to the days of smudged screens and unsightly fingerprints on your tablet screen during presentations.
Available in special versions for left and right-handers, in three colour combinations. A special ballpoint pen ink glides smoothly across the paper without scratching. The SMARTball 2.0 is available with document-safe blue and black ink, with a line width of 0.5mm – and it’s refillable too, with the STABILO Ballpoint refills, for even longer writing pleasure. Another very handy feature is that the clip can be rotated 360 degrees.
SMARTball 2.0 left handed Ballpoint Stylus pen, Black/Cyan – blue ink packaged





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