Beard Butter | Protect, Soften & Condition Your Facial Hair | Vanilla & Mango | 25ml


  • ✔ BEARD HYDRATION – Formulated to Condition & Nourish Like No Other Product. This special product is right in the middle between Beard Balm and Beard Oil.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & NON-GREASY – Beard Butter is a lightweight product that is infused with organic Argan and Jojoba oils with a complex of Shea Butter and Cocoa.
  • ✔ MATTE FINISH – It will condition and nourish your precious mane, while leaving a matte finish, rather than a shiny one.
  • ✔ VANILLA & MANGO – This is the Mo Bro’s best-selling scent. There is a subtle scent of vanilla and when combined with the tropical, fresh and fruity aroma of mango, provides a delicious fragrance.

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Beard butter is a product that will hydrate and groom a man’s mane in a way that other beard-care products can’t. It essentially works very similar to beard oil – the purpose of the product is to nourish and condition the beard to keep it soft and healthy. The main difference though, is that it is more like a cream rather than an oil.
It’s like the middleground between beard balm and beard oil – it will condition and nourish the precious mane, while leaving a matte finish, rather than a shiny one.
Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter The main difference between beard butter and beard oil is that beard butter is more like a pomade that’s infused with essential oils. Beard butter is a thick conditioner that contains multiple butters and an array of oils to help moisturise and condition your beard and the skin underneath.
The biggest benefit of the beard butter over beard oil, is that it will give you more of a matte type of finish rather than a shiny one. Some men feel like beard oil leaves their beard feeling greasy, which wouldn’t happen with beard butter. It gives a fresh feel to your beard rather than oily and weighed down.
Beard Balm Vs Beard Butter You might think, then what’s the difference between beard balm and beard butter? Beard balm has a higher quantity of wax and is usually meant to style the mane as well as condition. Beard butter is a lighter product, that is more moisturising and it will not leave your beard feeling greasy or heavy. It will work more as a deep conditioner rather than a styling product.
Common Butter Ingredients – Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aqua, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Carnuba Wax, Cetearyl Alcohol Coco Glucoside

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