Beckmann BS Beta Solar Heat Storer 25 m


  • Frost protection and warmth for greenhouse plants
  • Provide energy
  • Easy to use

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Beta Solar heat storer 25 m Frost protection and warmth for growing plants in a greenhouse, polytunnel or hotbed. Anyone who has a greenhouse, polytunnel or hotbed knows how quickly the sun warms up the air inside it during the day (even with a covered top). This free warmth is captured by Beta Solar and released back out again during the night. Beta Solar warmth storers are made of 7 cm diameter black polyethylene tubes. They are filled with water and placed down on the beds approximately 20 cm apart. This is how the valuable sun collector works. The water in the tubes can store a remarkable amount of warmth even with low levels of sunlight, for example in early spring or when there is sparse light if it is cloudy. So insulated greenhouses, polytunnels and hotbeds remain frost-free even from mid-March onwards and of course for autumn too. A considerable advantage of Beta Solar is that it warms the earth so that the roots of the plant are also heated up. . The energy saved in Beta Solar tubes can, for example, if heated up to 40 °C, provide more than 1 kilowatt hour of warmth per m² of bed space. And so if you have a greenhouse or polytunnel with 10 m² of beds, you’ll have more than 10 kilowatt hours of warmth available for the night. But of course this doesn’t only apply for spring and autumn: the heated up warmth storers can also be used to warm up your plants during those cool summer nights. So you can save your tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers and other “warm-hungry” plants the shock of the night-time coldher advantage is that under-leaf dew formation is reduced or prevented, thus stopping fungal diseases developing. Beta Solar warmth storers can easily be laid down between the beds even after you have planted. Beta Solar warmth storers can be cut to fit the appropriate bed length. Just calculate the number of sets you’ll need based on the length and width of your beds (the tubes are laid approximately 20 cm apart, so you can maintain the standard distance between plants).

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