Black Cat Premium Catfish Rod Perfect Passion Boat Spin Fishing Rod Spinning Rod Catfish Fishing Catfish Rod Casting Weight 50-190 g Black/Yellow 2.40 m


  • Developed by experts: in the catfish sector, Black Cat stands for durability, catchiness, innovation and reliability like no other; our expert team around Stefan Seuß draws from decades of experience and has developed this fishing rod series especially for modern catfish fishing, from which you can benefit from.
  • Price performance hammer: you get an unbeatable ratio of price to performance when you buy the Perfect Passion series; high-quality IM6 carbon fibre mats high-tech blank with Seaguide guides for smooth glide of the line; wonderful balance for endurance fishing with turn signals, rubber fish and other fishing baits as well as enormous stability for fishing with fishing lead on the ground; the highest requirements are our Requirements for this RR. Utensil range, which is practically unbeatable at this price.
  • Non-slip and worry-free drilling: with this catfish rod importance has been placed on new; the non-slip handle made of two plastic components always ensures a secure and firm grip with its perfectly coordinated surface structure, as well as material selection; this supports and relieves you noticeably during long fights with large catfish.
  • A model for every fishing technique: in the Perfect Passion series, every angler will get his money’s worth, as every imaginable fishing technique on catfish is covered with this series; whether from the shore, boat or belly boat, whether by the river, lake or pond, here you will find the right fishing rod model for your water and your preference to recreate catfish. Range, Boat, Spread. in, boat spin, vertical and Allstar.
  • Technical data: length 2.4 m; Wfg. 50 – 190 g; 2 pieces; weight: 350 g.
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The Perfect Passion Boat Spin 2.40 m is perfect for spinning and trolling on catfish from the boat. The sentimental tip transmits the course of the bait to the arm of the angler and the Powerblank with a casting weight of 50 to 190 grams allows the use of a large bait spectrum. Both heavy indicators can be thrown well, but also light artificial baits such as wobblers or rubber fish can be presented to catfish close to the shore. The heart of every Perfect Passion is the 100% carbon fibre mat made from IM6 carbon fibre mats. Combined with the innovative ‘C.G.-Grip system’ – a particularly comfortable grip piece consisting of a mixture of two different plastic components that ensure a secure and non-slip grip during long drills, even with wet hands.

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