Blagdon Amphibious IQ Energy Saving Pond Pump, for Fountain & Waterfall, Run Dry Protection, Adjustable Power & Flow, 6000-12000 Extra Large Pond


  • Powerful yet economical
  • Adjustable to suit any pond and season
  • Low velocity intake cage prevents the pump from clogging
  • Scrolling text displays energy usage, pump status and any problems
  • Built in ‘Run Dry’ and ‘Motor Protection’ system

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Low maintenance yet high performance energy saving pond pump with digital motor technology for waterfalls and filters. The digital controller will detect when the motor is clogged or jammed. It will pause the pump and display scrolled text to advise you of the problem and of any necessary action required to rectify. When the clogging is removed the pump can safely restart. The run dry protection system will detect low water level. The scrolled display will advise you to top up the water and let you know it is safe to restart. The flexible power usage control and display allows you to stop start, increase or decrease power and flow at the push of a button for optimum performance and maximum energy saving. When the pump is turned on the flow will softly increase to its pre-set position. This reduces pump wear and reduces stresses on pipework and filters fitted to the system decreasing the risk of leaks and damage.
4 x Amphibious IQ pond pump

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Weight 4.166 kg