Boyu Garden Fish Pond Bio Filter and Pump with UV Steriliser


  • Fish pond bio filter with high volume capacity
  • Built-in UV steriliser
  • Multi-stage foam filtration
  • Suitable for ponds with small mix of fish and Koi up to 3000 Litres
  • Complete with pond pump and adapters

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The compact Boyu YT-9000 Pond Bio Filter is a highly effective complete biological box filtration system, perfect for small/medium sized garden ponds up to 4500 Litre volume. Supplied with a 2000 Litre/ Hour pond pump and connective hosing, the YT-9000 is ready to install. Each YT-9000 is fitted with an 11W UV clarifying lamp to help rid water of harmful bacteria, ensuring a crystal clear pond. The YT-9000 has added height providing a triple-layer of filtration sponge. The intelligent design allows water to biologically filter upward through layers of sponge, returning clean through a top outlet. Each unit is complete with fine and medium foams integrated into a simple-to-use pull-up handle cleaning system (pictured)ble and long-lasting, Boyu pond and aquarium products are manufactured using the highest quality plastics. Used to purify water in small/medium sized ponds lightly stocked with goldfish and koi fish, these heavy duty bio-filters are ideal for amateur fish keepers and professionals alike.
1 x Boyu YT-9000 Garden Fish Pond Bio Filter and Pump, UV Steriliser 11W and Hose Complete Setup

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