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  • 【Scope of application】 Can be used for killing time, small size make the grip ball can be easily put in the pocketbilitation training , Climbers and bodybuilders practice finger and grip strength, learn to play piano and practice finger strength, fans of badminton, table tennis, Basketball and other ball sports exercise ankles and palm muscles.
  • 【Advantage】 Made of a durable, double row buckle, double fixation, you can adjust the size of the ring as you like. 3 exercise balls are available.
  • 【Aesthetic Design】 Using a high elastic rubber band does not stretch the wrist and rolls flexibly, you can easily hold the ball in your palm and do ten hand stretching exercises. Bright colors can relieve stress and can also be used as decoration.
  • 【Effect】 if you hold it N times, you will generally feel numbness and heat in your palms and then feel very comfortable. Because when you squeeze the power ball firmly, the flexible ball deforms and fills the palm of your hand. When the palm of the hand is loose and tight, it will effectively stimulate the major acupuncture points on the palm, promote blood circulation, and achieve the effects of exercise and health care.
  • 【Easy to Carry】 A small size handle ball can be easily put in or taken out of your pocket, you can use hand therapy exercise balls anywhere you go, travel (car, plane, bus), at the office, at school, at the Watch TV or wherever you want to exercise without worrying about the ball falling and rolling
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Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Grip Ball Material: silicone Function: 1. Rehabilitation training 2. Activities calcined knuckles, palm muscles 3. Press finger, activate joint 4. Build up finger and arm strength Usage: The size of the grip ball is not big, just in the palm of your hand, hold the ball and press firmly, you can feel the pressure of the grip ball put on your fingers. In general, keep going many times, you can feel the numbness and fever of the palm, and then it is very comfortable feeling. Since when the ball is pinched, the flexible ball is deformed and filled with the palm, the palm is loose and firm, the ball can effectively stimulate the main acupuncture points of the palm, promote blood circulation, and achieve the effect of exercise and healthy care. Basic exercise: Hold the ball completely in the palm of your hand and do hand stretching exercises ten times, first with your right hand and then alternately with your left hand. Applicable population: 1. Climbers and bodybuilders train finger strength and grip strength 2. Fans of badminton, table tennis, basketball and other ball games 3. Learn to play the piano to practice finger strength 4. People have been using computer keyboard and mouse for a long time Cleaning: To extend the life of the silicone grip ball, it is recommended to gently wash it with water

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