Cat Grass – Eco Cat Grass Kit with coconut shell bowl | Wheatgrass | Great for indoor cats


  • Eco friendly Cat grass grow kit with hand polished, reusable coconut shell halves
  • Perfect for indoor cats
  • Entirely waste free! Soil packed in bio-degradeable pots and seeds in paper envelopes
  • Grass provides roughage that aids digestion and elimination
  • Rope bottom stabalisers so the bowl doesn’t wobble

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Growing catgrass in a coconut shell is a fun and easy way to cultivate this beneficial plant at home. Coconut shells are a sustainable and eco-friendly option for planters, and they provide a unique and decorative touch to your indoor garden. Our organic wheatgrass benefits your cat’s health by aiding digestion and preventing hairballs. It provides essential nutrients and fiber, promoting a healthy coat and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal issues. Catgrass also offers a safe outlet for chewing, preventing destructive behavior, and supports overall feline well-being. Great for indoor cats. Provides roughage for indoor cats. Aids digestion. Perfect Cat Grass. CatGrass kit for indoor cats and outdoor cats.

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