Cat Repellent Outdoor Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repellent with Flash Speaker Marten Repellent for Cats, Dogs, Pests, Red Deer


  • Ultrasound and powerful LED flash: Animal Repellent uses different ultrasound frequency ranges perceived by different animals. When an animal approaches, the highly sensitive infrared sensor detects the intruder and emits high frequency ultrasound, causing discomfort and repelling the animal. It also emits a powerful LED torch in combination with ultrasound to keep the animal away from the area.
  • 5 modes to repel various animals: The repeller has a frequency setting that can be adjusted in 5 modes to repel various types of animals. For example, in this mode, the product emits ultrasonic waves in the range of 13.5kHz to 17.5kHz to repel animals such as mice, foxes and tens. Animal Repellent offers adjustable sensitivity levels to cover different areas to better suit your needs.
  • IP44 waterproof and easy to use: The repellent is IP44 waterproof, so it can withstand normal rainfall from all directions, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use and protecting your garden from animals and animal droppings. However, to prolong its life, store it in a suitable place during inclement weather such as heavy rain. Easy to use and install, Animal Repellent can be hung on a wall or inserted into the soil to protect your balcony, garden or garage.
  • Solar charging and battery charging: The solar panel is mounted on the top of the Animal Repellent and can be charged using solar energy. When the sun is low, such as when it is raining, you can use the three 1.5VAA batteries that are included. It also comes with a USB charging cable, making it easy to charge devices such as desktop computers, laptops and mobile power units that have a USB port.
  • Safe and wide-ranging: Animal Repellent can anxiety, alert and disperse animals without harming them using ultrasound and LED flashing lights. It is recommended that the product is placed outside and away from humans as the sonic frequencies emitted by the product can be heard by humans. The improved repellent covers a wider protected area (approximately 80 square metres) and better protects your yard.

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