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PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for ruminants. For nutritional support of rumen activity. Fermented plant extract from wild and spicy herbs according to a specific cdVet formulation – intensively supports the rumen activity and thus the feed intake of ruminants. The rumen activity is the basis for optimal feed intake and utilization of ruminants. Therefore, it is advisable to promote rumen activity with privet RumenStarter due to dietary restrictions in case of already a few rumen problems. When is the feeding of privet RumenStarter particularly important: Problems with the feed intake of ruminants; stimulation of the feed intake during or after digestive disorders; stimulation of the appetite around birth; nutritional reducing the root causes of abomasal displacements. Composition: Flavouring agents whose addition to feed improves its smell or palatability: 20000 mg per kg; carrier: drinking water, humidity 95%. Instructions for use: 2 days before and 2 days after calving/ lambing. Cattle 300 – 600ml per animal/ day, Goat/ Sheep/ Alpaca 50 – 100ml per animal/ day to put into drinking water. (Provide mixed in a 4: 1 ratio with water or in a bucket with warm water drenching).
privet RumenStarter

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