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  • rot accelerator
  • reduction of germ pressure
  • healthy, powerful animals
  • less floating layers
  • 100% natural

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Whereas conventional manure is prone to an anaerobic decomposition via rot, it is promoted under the action of oxygen by using privet HuminoVet powder. Advantages of using privet HuminoVet powder: binding of ammonia – healthy stable air; rotting promotion – less manure volume; parasites (worms) are destroyed during the rot on arising self-heating; when used in a stable, the container treatment is unnecessary: Advantages for the soil when spreading manure: Promotion of soil fertility through the formation of plant-absorbable trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, etc. cost savings – much less artificial fertilization needed. neutralization of acidified soils by high content of basic silicates. Strengthening of plants through increased resistance to pests. Composition: special toners, humus, diatomaceous earth, rock meal, lactic acid bacteria. Instructions for use: Sprinkle once a week on the stable floor and distribute evenly according to the slurry; Cattle slurry 0,4 – 0,6kg per m³; pig manure 0,5 – 0,7kg per m³; poultry manure 1.5kg per m³; solid manure 50g per m²; Container treatment: during container filling, stir the above recommended quantities into the manure.
1 can of privet HuminoVet Powder 1000g

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