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  • These Eco-Dish brushes are made from sustainably sourced plant based materials. Our brush handles are made from bamboo and the fibers are sourced from either coconuts or the Sisal plant. By choosing our plant-based dish brushes, you are reducing your household’s plastic waste and helping to create a more sustainable future for our planet.
  • CJ ECO LIFE brushes are a natural and biodegradable alternative to flimsy, single-use plastic brushes and synthetic sponges. Our sisal dish brush also comes with a replacement head, so when your bristles do finally wear out you need only replace the brush head, not the whole thing. When eventually disposed of, your biodegradable dish brushes will decompose and return to the earth naturally.
  • Eco-brush gift set contains versatile and functional brushes and additional brush holder. The brushes come in different sizes and with different characteristics. They can be used to tackle all manner of pots, pans, cups and assorted kitchen utensils.
  • Our kitchen scrubbing brush contains absolutely no animal products – they are cruelty free! This vegan product only contains sisal plant fibre, beech wood and a small amount of stainless steel. We believe wooden kitchen utensils are the way forward.
  • Multi-functional, these brushes can apply for any cleaning purpose either in kitchen or other area in the house, its reliable and easy to use

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