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  • ? PERFECT HYIGAINE WITH 100% PLASTIC-FREE COTTON BUDS – These high quality, eco-friendly and 100% plastic free bamboo cotton buds are another 100% biodegradable product by FAT PANDA. We refined the classic plastic cotton buds, to give you stronger, better and more quality solution with 100% recyclable bamboo stems and cotton swabs. It’s an all-natural solution.
  • ? YOUR BIT TO SAVE THE PLANET – Toss away the plastic cotton buds and their plastic packaging that harms the environment (plastic can stay intact for whooping 600 years), and say yes to a vegan, environmental solution that does the job even better, degrades fast, recycles and helps in building a sustainable environment.
  • ? CLEANS THOROUGHLY & ENJOYABLY – Our sturdy qtips wooden sticks are well crafted and perfectly tipped for great cleansing even where there is water. We specifically designed our bamboo ear swabs to be hypoallergenic and made with perfume-free cotton. Great for sensitive skin. Finally, you can enjoy a complete and thorough cleaning with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal cotton buds and bamboo wooden sticks that won’t bend.
  • ♻️ SUISTANABLE & PRACTICAL – These vegan, natural bamboo cotton buds are completely biodegradable and one of the small steps you can make towards a sustainable lifestyle. They are super practical too – use the bamboo ear buds to remove makeup, oral care, skin care, wiping keyboards and anywhere you need precise cleaning.
  • ✅ FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – With 2 pack of 200 bamboo cotton buds you’ll get a generous pack of bamboo cotton buds. Great for the whole family, and a smart way to educate your children about sustainability, ecology, and environment.

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Looking to do your bit in saving the planet? Do you finally want to replace those planet-harming, plastic ear buds? Well, the Bamboo Cotton Buds by FAT PANDA, are your answer as a bamboo, eco-friendly alternative to the plastic swabs. And with our premium, strong, well-tipped design, you are getting better, stronger and more durable earbuds too. ▶100% Plastic-Free When you use our bamboo ear swabs, you are using all-natural, 100% biodegradable product. Our perfectly tipped ends are made of natural cotton and the sticks are made of eco-friendly bamboo, which is one of the best sustainable materials right now. ▶Completely biodegradable FAT PANDA ear swabs bamboo tips preserve the environment. Unlike the plastic qtips, our bamboo wooden handle qtips are completely biodegradable and compostable. ▶Universal use While our bamboo ear swabs offer thorough ear cleansing with its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, well-tipped cotton and strong bamboo handles, they are universal too. Use them for oral care, makeup cleaning, skin care, and anywhere you need precise cleaning. ▶200 pieces FAT PANDA bamboo cotton ear buds come in 2 pack with 200 pieces. The generous packaging of 200 pieces of bamboo ear buds is sure to serve you and your family for a long time! ♻️ Say yes to a sustainable lifestyle by using these environmentally friendly bamboo ear buds. ? Click Add to Cart and get your cotton bamboo ear swabs risk-free!

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