Cressi Giotto, Premium Scuba Diving Computer, Dual-Mix – Cressi Italian Quality Since 1946


  • Dive program: full processing of dive data, including decompression if applicable, for every dive performed with air or nitrox
  • 3-button interface: effortless to program air, nitrox and gauge modes
  • High-definition screen
  • Large numerical displays
  • Log book for 70 HR or 60 dive capacity
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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The Cressi giotto dive computer has been designed to allow any level of recreational diver to pick it up and start using it without any confusing. New material choices also make the Cressi giotto lightweight and compact by using a thinner but stronger housing and components giotto uses a collaborative algorithm developed by Cressi and bruce wienk and is based upon the haldene model. The algorithm integrates ‘reduced gradient bubble model’ (rgbm) to ensure safe decompression calculations. A deep stop option has also been included to offer a deeper decompression stop which can be switched on and off as required by the diver. The dive computer supports the use of air and nitrox mixes up to 99% with control over the fo2 values between 1.2 and 1.6 bar
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