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  • Complete 10 m kit to act as a heron deterrent and protect the perimeter of any shaped garden pond or pool from pond predators including cats, dogs, herons and others
  • Quick and easy to set-up, 10 m pond protector fence consists of a simple nylon line and plastic support stakes; humane alternative to electric pond fencing
  • Humane heron deterrent that is safe for use around kids and pets, iridescent red markers can be attached to nylon line to improve visibility of fence; adaptable to fit ponds and pools of any shape
  • Keep fish safe with the durable, weatherproof pond protector fence which acts as a deterrent for herons and other pond predators
  • Complete heron deterrent pond protective fence kit includes: Eight support poles (0.9 m), 24 stainless steel line clips, four guy lines and pegs, eight support pole caps, fencing line 30 m and safety stickers

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All-in-One Kit: 10 m Pond Fence from Defenders is a complete kit to protect any shaped garden pond or pool, with a perimeter of up to 10 m. The simple nylon line and support poles (0.9 m) form a barrier, protecting fish and acting as a deterrent for herons, cats, dogs and pond predators. Use the red markers to prevent tripping. This pond fence is humane and presents a safe, welfare-friendly alternative to electric pond fencing to deter herons and other pond predators.
1 x All-in-One Kit: 10 Meter Pond Fence

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