Dehner 4154746 Cremona Natura Wild Bird Feeder with Stand, Ø 35 cm Height 163 cm/Metal/Wood – Black/Brown


  • Modern Bird House with 135 cm high spike to insert into ground
  • Made from Ölbehandelter Oak and powder coated steel
  • Wild Bird House diameter 35 cm, Height 163 cm, easy fly
  • Easy to use with to fill
  • For all year round feeding of free live birds

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Just add yummy bird feeder, we can fill in the feathered guests. Bird House, Made from Ölbehandelter Oak, with roof made from powder-coated steel, 35 x 28 cm including ground spike with 135 cm to view there are bird houses and there are exceptional bird houses. The Dehner Natura bird house Cremona belongs on every second category. This bird house catches your attention with its unusual shape and the high quality of the materials. A half round roof as a contemporary focal point for the Dehner Natura Cremona with the size (diameter x height): 35 x 28 cm bird house is alone due to its special round shape already: Solid wooden board in Ölbehandelter Oak Keep six also solid that provides increased support half round roof made of weather resistant, powder-coated black steel. It also belongs to the Dehner Natura bird house Cremona also a very sturdy stand with 135 cm height, the to your can easily in the soil skewers. This bird feeding station is also easy to fill and for your wild birds in the garden easy to fly. All the Year Round from a cosy feeding platform all appreciates this is something that you will as well as the birds in your garden. Like to make all the year round rather than just in the winter. As professional bird Kundler rates come to support our domestic wild birds from when hunting for food. The number of insects, the main food source of the wild birds – is available in the past few years rapide Zurückgegangen. Also the birds for the spring and summer field needs higher energy for growing of your Nachwuchses. Bring a beautiful feeder as well as the Dehner Natura bird house Cremona especially in right.

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