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Dehner Propagator with Air Vent (Mercury, approx. 38 x 24 x 18 CM Plastic

  • Greenhouse Windowsill
  • Successful growing plants in home and Home
  • PaH-free
  • Can be re-used

When it comes around the gardening and the cultivation of plants, there are a lot of practical aid and ideas. One of them is the Dehner Indoor Greenhouse Marco. It looks nice and can be easily placed on the window sill. This is not any greenhouse, it is a particularly durable example, only the finest, Pak Free Plastic is made. The stretcher – Kitchen Garden Propagator Marco is thought from top to bottom. In the shell you can find the whole 28 cavity and the Just the Right Size for nursery pots or pellets. The intelligent Groove System ensures a sensible and even distribution of the pouring water. At the top of the clear cover folds out to reveal two vents, that can be freely rules according to need. DEHNER Indoor Greenhouse Marco: at home if you’ve ever done everything under control even plants has been taken white, within a short period of time is much happens. As it is very comfortable when you can have it at home or on the window sill in the greenhouse everything at a glance. Changes During very simple to use. Then put either pellets into the articulated cavity and will lay their seeds at and pouring very easy to fit on you. After a short time the potty Aufgequollen and insert the seeds in the nutritious substrate Pinhole. Or you use potty that you have filled in accordance with. Then put put the cover on and regulates the air flow pipes, just like your plants best. No matter which air your Schützlinge need, you can use it with the stretcher – Kitchen Garden Propagator Marco individually Suitable and conditions. Grow what you want: in Dehner greenhouse Marco What do you have to know? If you would like to aromatic own herb collection? Or erblicken in your new stretcher – Kitchen Garden Propagator Marco delicate salad and vegetable plants the light of the world? You have be spoilt for choice. But no matter what exactly you im Dehner Indoor Greenhouse Marco…






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