Dehner Robbi Dog or Cat Transport Box Approx. 57 x 37 x 35 cm Plastic/Metal Red/Grey


  • Robust, easy-care transport box, approx. 57 x 37 x 29 cm.
  • For safe transport of cats and small dogs
  • Provides good ventilation and sufficient light for your four-legged friend.
  • Easy car seat belt attachment
  • Lid can be separated from the base
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Safe and comfortable travel pet carrier for cats and small dogs, available in two sizes with the with Dehner transport box Robbi take your small dog or cat. The dog transport box is robust and easy to clean and provides a pleasant climate comes with a good ventilation for your four-legged friends. Easy to clean and durable Move Your Dogs And Cats very freely and the spur of the moment. But sometimes, it is to have a transport box be taken to the vet visit or on your travel or attached to any place where our four-legged friends in a dog crate simply safer and more place are locked up safe and sound. The transport box Robbi from Dehner is available in two sizes are 50X33X29 and 57X37X35 cm offers you and your pet best brand quality and comfortable transport. The body of the dog crate is made from durable and easy to clean material. So make sure that it always quickly and easily for hygiene. To take your small cat or dog or your Velvet paw great value. Even cats are one of the Reinlichsten animals ever and are a clean pet box safe to appreciate. Well ventilated for total comfort and also can be used in vehicle to use the stretcher – Transport Box For Your Cat Or Small Dog is very easy to use and above all practical, as the lid is detachable from the floor. He also has a protective grille, that your favourite gives you best ventilation and sufficient light experience. In particular to owners of pets fear the first experience with a dog transport box before the narrow space, and do Into Place With The familiarisation to much easier when due to the safety gate a lot of light into the box from penetrating. Can also be used for safety during car journeys is “Dehner transport box Robbi. A special device allows pet box for cats and small dogs perfectly fine with the car safety belt. You will be always with your cat or your dog securely carrying around. Size XS: 50 x 33 x 29 cm (L x W x H) Size S: 57 x 37 x 35 cm (L x W x H)
1 x Dehner Robbi dog or cat transport box.

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Weight 14.7008 kg



35 x 37 x 57 cm; 1.87 Kilograms